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8 ways to save on Halloween candy

Ding-dong! It’s time to start building your stockpile of candy for the annual parade of trick-or-treaters Oct. 31. It’s estimated Americans spend approximately $1o billion (!) on candy every year for Halloween. Of course, bargain boogeymen can be frightened by the...

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How to Pay off $25K in Debt Using Tried-and-True Methods

No matter the amount, there’s nothing quite like the weight that debt bears. It can be downright exhausting. I know the feeling. Just four years ago, my wife and I set out to figure out how to pay off debt — nearly $30K's worth — within the 16 months leading up to our...

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How to Save for College

Develop a PhilosophyHow much you save may also be influenced by your values. "Do you want to pay 100 percent of the cost of any school?," said David Ressner, a financial adviser in St. Louis, Mo. "An amount equal to the cost of their in-state flagship university? Or...

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How Much Can Retirees Earn Without Paying Taxes?

Many retirees plan to earn extra income to supplement their retirement spending. But how much can a retired person earn without paying taxes? The answer to this question varies based on your situation. Understanding the tax rules surrounding retiree income can help...

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9 Ways You Can Save Money on Summer Travel in 2022

*image from thehill 1. Travel during the cheapest part of summer.Every year starting in the last two weeks of August, prices drop significantly to most places. That's because kids go back to school by then in many parts of the U.S.A., which removes family travelers...

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529 Plans for College Savings

What is a 529 plan?A 529 plan is a type of savings and investment account in which money grows tax-free as long as the withdrawals are for qualified education expenses. They are named after a section of the IRS code. There are two types of 529 plans: 529 college...

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3 Best Money Moves to Make This July

Pulse check your financesAs an annual midway point, July is the perfect time of year to check in on your personal finances.Remember those New Year’s financial resolutions? How are they doing? Resolutions are rarely easy, but chances are you didn’t anticipate the...

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