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1. Travel during the cheapest part of summer.
Every year starting in the last two weeks of August, prices drop significantly to most places. That’s because kids go back to school by then in many parts of the U.S.A., which removes family travelers from the mix.
This traditional price drop holds in 2022. Among the best savings I’ve found so far include drops of $150 on round-trips from Boston to Los Angeles in the second-to-last week of August, as compared to the same period in July.
2. Fly with an upstart.
If you can get yourself on one of the new-to-the-market airlines like Avelo, Breeze, or Play, you could find yourself paying much less than the going rate.
3. Avoid small regional airports.
According to a study of 128 million airfares undertaken by discount airfare site CheapAir.com, the lowest domestic summer fares in the U.S. are up 26% from 2021.
Cuts in service to smaller airports are the culprit. “When scarcity meets demand, you get inflated prices,” CheapAir.com explains on its site. “In the past you may have had a choice of four flights, for example, to choose from. Now, you might only have one—and the increased demand means you’re forced to pay more for that flight.”
4. Go where the dollar is strong.
The dollar is almost on par with the euro. Not long ago, it was trading at $1.35 to €1, so the change signifies a huge savings for on-the-ground costs in all the countries that use that currency (there are some in the Caribbean, too). 
The dollar is similarly strong against the Mexican peso, the Canadian loonie, the Peruvian soles, and the South African rand.
5. Search creatively for a place to sleep.
For vacation rentals, the key strategy is to find the right property for you—and then check which search engines and property rental companies are competing to offer it. Checking VRBO and FlipKey, too, is a smart move that can lead to savings.
6. Join the clubs.
Getting a season pass often pays off in three visits, partially because these passes often come with extras like free parking and discounts on snacks.
It’s also always smart to join hotel loyalty programs. Not only does membership come with money-saving perks like free wi-fi, upgrades, and discounted spa treatments, it often serves as a key to members-only lower nightly rates.
7. Pamper your car before setting out.
If you get your vehicle tuned up before you take a road trip, it will likely reward you by using less gas; pack lightly so your car weighs less, close windows to reduce drag, change the oil, and observe the speed limit. Such useful apps like GasPriceWatch and GasBuddy can help Americans and Canadians find the cheapest gas station near to where they are.
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